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School and after school

Every child in Denmark has the right to free education at a Danish State school. There are no entrance requirements

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You can read more about both State schools and private schools below. For an overview of all the schools in Ikast-Brande Kommune you can download the list of schools here.

State schools

The State schools (Folkeskolen) provide public education for children between the ages of 6 and 16. In Denmark, there is 10 years' compulsory school education. Children start school in August of the year they reach age six. The first year is kindergarten, and is followed by nine years' schooling which may be supplemented by an optional year in 10th Grade. You can see a chart of the Danish educational system here.

Your child automatically belongs to a school in the school district in which you live. When your child is approaching school age, you will receive a letter from the school informing you how to enrol your child and inviting you to visit the school. You can choose a different State school or a private school (Friskole or Fri Grundskole), in which case you have to make contact with the school yourself. Once you have found a suitable school, you can arrange to be shown around by the head of the school.

Each school has its own set of practical rules, such as whether children must change shoes when they enter the building, where they may gather during breaks, lunch scheme, etc. These practical rules are found on the individual school's website.

Danish as a second language: modtageklasser

When a bilingual child begins primary and lower secondary school, an assessment is carried out to determine whether the child needs help with Danish as a second language.

If necessary, the child can receive special tuition in Danish as a second language, either all day or during Danish lessons. This is called a "modtageklasse" or receiving class, and it is available to children from the pre-school class right up to the 9th Grade, if needed. In Ikast-Brande Kommune there are three schools, which offer receiving classes: Præstelundskolen in Brande, Vestre Skole in Ikast and Ejstrupholm Skole.

Private schools

In addition to State schools, there are private schools (frie grundskoler) where parents pay for their children's education. Private schools may be based on a different philosophy than State schools, but the academic subjects and social skills taught are the same. See

International School Ikast-Brande

International School Ikast-Brande is placed in Ikast. The school has just under 200 students between the ages of 4 and 16, and expects to gain even more students in the coming years. The curriculum of The International School Ikast-Brande is patterned on the Cambridge Educational System, which is an internationally recognised standard of education.

You can read more about International School Ikast-Brande at

Most international schools are established in accordance with the rules governing Fri Grundskoler and receive grant aid from the Danish State. There are also school fees, which vary from one school to the next.

If you wish to enrol your child at the international school, you must contact the school yourself.

After school caretaking (SFO)

In Ikast-Brande Kommune children can be looked after at after-school care schemes (SFO) until they finish the 5th Grade. Here, children can play with their friends, do homework and take part in various other activities.

There is an SFO connected to each of the state schools in Ikast-Brande, and in order to enrol your child you will have to fill out a form that you can get from either the local school or the SFO (you can see the list of schools above).

You must bear some of the costs for this care service, unless you are given a free place. You can apply to your municipal authority for a free place.

Secondary School Education

IB Diploma Programme, Ikast-Brande Gymnasium
Secondary school education is offered in English at Ikast-Brande Gymnasium which offers the IB Diploma Programme.

The diploma programme is an internationally recognized education that gives students access to universities in more than 100 countries worldwide. The program offers a unique combination of high academic standards, a challenging curriculum with a global outlook, and the opportunity to be part of a diverse and multicultural learning environment.

You may read more about the IB and Ikast-Brande Gymnasium here:
The school also offers the Danish secondary school programs STX and HF. All programs give access to Danish and international post-secondary education.

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